Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Susan R. Mills has started blogging again at A Walk in My Shoes, One Step at a Time!

I learned a lot from her blog, and even from the long period when she stopped blogging. I shouldn't read too much into that, since I've done the same thing, but I will anyway.

For a long time she posted three times a week. Every post was well thought out, and about something all writers should be interested in, except when she talked about her personal triumphs and those of her friends. She always found an appropriate picture of shoes which was related to her post. And she did all this in addition to her regular writing, rewriting, and other forms of online networking. How did she do all this without burning out? Well, she sold her children on e-bay.

Actually, I think she did burn out, at least partially, although I can't say for sure how much writing she got done while she wasn't blogging. Building a platform is important, but you have to pace yourself.

Look at Marcy of Mainwords. She has lots of great content, and she's teamed up with another blogger to critique the first page of a different author's manuscript each month. She gives herself a little break sometimes though:

Under the category of 'whatever' she says:

"when I get published...
I am so going to get me a new washer/dryer unit. One that doesn't make that horrific high pitched, grating, whining noise that mine does when I first start it up (I'm thinking belt. You?). And when it's done drying? There will be NO annoying buzzer that shoots through my skull like a laser. Like I really need a buzzer to tell me my stuff is done drying. Hello? The dryer stopped. I got the clue. Thanks."

Of course there's an art to that too. You make it personal but not too personal, knowing what not to say. People who like your writing voice enjoy these posts too.

So Susan, if you feel like you're pushing too hard, just post a picture of a single shoe. Accumulate a bunch of pictures of sexy shoes with legs in them, and nobody will mind if they're not related to your posts. And dry humor is good, but sometimes dryer humor is even better.

Of course they both have a lot more real and regular content than I do, but I think we can ignore that, or at least I can.


  1. Hey, lookie there...I can actually post a comment under my user name now. Well, David, first of all, I'd like to say thanks for the idea of selling my kids on ebay! I never thought of that, but dang if it isn't a great idea! Of course, whoever bought them would be hunting me down to return them within hours. :) Seriously, though, I was burned out, but not just from blogging. It's all about maintaining a balance (one I'm still searching for). Thanks for the friendly advice and the shout out. Actually, I plan on blogging about this very topic over the next couple of weeks. And by the way, I no longer keep a scheduled blogging time. I intend on doing it only when it's convenient for me. So I can't say exactly when I'll post about this, but sometime soon. Again, thanks for the mention. (And unsolicited advice is advice all the same, right?)

  2. Hey, is it okay if I link to here when I do post about it?

  3. Of course, that's what the web is for. Blogger ate my previous comment to that effect - on my own blog! A pretty pass indeed.