Friday, September 11, 2009

Blogging for the soon to be published author

I spent a few minutes finding this on Google, and it was worth it. I remember reading the original post, and it's been in my thoughts.

Mystery and crime writer Lee Goldberg links to a post on a mysterious Agent 007 blog which has since been deleted. Click here to sort out which parts of this advice come from which writer - and read the rest of it.

"Agents and editors can Google search, too, and before we sign you, we usually do. It can be so hard to feel the love when we read that you’ve already been rejected fifty times. We know it happens, but we don’t need to know that it happened to you. And we certainly won’t feel comfortable sending your work to editors with that kind of info so readily available.

So what should you be writing about? All your success. Kind of hard to do if you haven't had any yet, but I guess the message is... don't whine. Unless you already ARE a success, and then it's okay."

So the beginning of my writer's blog waited until I had a few triumphs saved up to record. Yesterday I was admitted to Deadly Prose, an exclusive critique group for novel length work. They require an entrance examination and sample first chapter, and accept less than a quarter of all applicants. I was accepted, and promptly greeted by enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable authors.


  1. Interesting! I just blog to "talk shop" and hang out with other writers. A lot of pressure is off, since "real name" is not currently doing any querying. :-)

  2. In your position I would set up a blog under my pen name. Perhaps you already have :-)