Saturday, September 19, 2009

My first acceptance from a paying market

Under normal circumstances, any reminder of a first sale to a paying market would be a happy moment.

I just had to withdraw my story though. The sale was well over a year ago. A few months after that (still slightly over a year ago) I followed up, and received e-mail that there would be a few months delay. Nothing has happened since then, so I faced reality, and wrote the editor an e-mail explaining that I was withdrawing the story but would like to hear if they began publishing again.

The birth of this story is still with me. I was browsing through Duotrope to see if any of the markets would inspire me, hoping to publish a few short stories and become an SFWA member before finishing my novel and sending query letters. I found Mansstory 2, a magazine which not only published stories reminiscent of the pulp era but illustrated them.

While I was born a little late for the pulp era, I still remember an old magazine I bought in college a couple of decades ago at a used bookstore. For some semi logical reason, the all female extraterrestrial crew that discovered earth was able to breed with humans - I forget why. Eventually it turned out they wanted to do something nasty to the sun, send the Earth into an ice age, not destroying humanity totally but turning Earth into a combination rest stop and male whore house.

The story took itself too seriously for something so silly, but there was something fun about it. I designed my own species, originally descended from humans but separated during a collapse of civilization. I came up with biological and cultural reasons why they had all female crews who were sexually interested in human males. My story is set on Treaty Station, a couple of decades after a war, and everyone involved has ftl.

My craft has grown in the interim, and I will rewrite the story before I begin sending it out again, when I need a break from the book I'm writing.

Anybody else have stories about the stories you have written, are writing, or plan to write?


  1. Hi David, welcome to the blogging world! That's too bad about having to withdraw your story, but I suppose if you are planning on rewriting it, it will end up even better anyway, right? The idea to my current project came while at a Brazilian restaurant eating way too much meat for way too much money. Maybe one reason I want my story so bad is because it may justify spending so much money on one meal.

  2. A sale feels much better after going down than an oversized meal!