Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upping my game

I had thought I was almost ready to submit my manuscript to literary agents, but I'm going to up my game instead. I'm going to start reviewing the best critiquers on critique circle, and getting a couple of reviews from Deadly Prose as well.

It's a tough market out there. I love my concept and my characters, but my prose could probably use a little smoothing.


  1. I'm with you. It's HARD. I keep getting form rejections so I decided to revise my novel again. And I'm going to completely redo my query letter.

  2. With science fiction there are so few agents to try that I'm afraid of getting form rejections. I haven't sent a query yet.

  3. You are making the right choice. I sent queries too soon, and I learned a big lesson.
    Don't send any until you feel your work is 100% ready.

  4. Thank you - knowing that will make it a bit easier.