Monday, March 29, 2010

Now an Award Winning blog!

I want to thank Alicia Frey for awarding me this "Creative Writer" award - and motivating me to upload my first image ever!

I think most people know the rules. I make five false statements and one true one, and any reader so inclined can guess which are which.

1. You owe me twenty bucks! Yes YOU, reading this. You forgot? You're reminded now. Paypal will be fine.

2. I have an agent sending out my manuscript to major publishers, but I'm not supposed to tell because the process sometimes takes awhile, and editors may be less enthusiastic if they think the manuscript has been going around a long time and rejected by everyone but them. My agent said it was fine to include her in this list - as long as I made another statement that everyone would think was true.

3. I used to read while driving sometimes when traffic was moving slowly.

4. Unlike Bill Clinton I inhaled in college, but only a few puffs. One of my companions congratulated me on my ability to get high cheaply, and bemoaned his own 'high' tolerance.

5. I own a time machine, or at least a homonym of one. It's used to dry certain herbs.

Since a bunch of the fun storytellers I know online have already received this award, I'm going to doublecheck the others before passing it on.


  1. I'm guessing #3 is true, because I've done the same thing.

  2. Oo I'm jealous over #2. I still can't find an agent. I mean, I've FOUND agents but none of them like my query enough to want to represent me.

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  4. Susan, never confess to DWR online - tell Big Brother it was a lie left over from your award.

    WhisperingWriter, I always think that when people talk about finding agents. I can find plenty in NYC, but getting one to represent me is hard.