Thursday, March 25, 2010

Public Query Slushpile

Another good place to get free no-strings-attached help with your query is the Public Query Slushpile. There are some excellent forums devoted to the same purpose, but they mostly have one thing in common. They remind you of their reciprocal nature. You are expected to give other people query advice - and advised that you will probably receive more and better advice if you help out some other people first.

This is very reasonable - but I think it's awesome that there are a couple of places that this rule doesn't seem to be in effect. I already posted about Evil Editor's blog. Since people are polite and friendly at the Public Query Slushpile I kept looking for the fine print, but nobody even suggests it's not nice to receive without giving. I was so touched I did my best to help out some people anyway. I feel bad for them - I'm still having trouble with my own query.

So how's your quest for a query workshop and/or writer's workshop going?


  1. I'm back on there this weekend. I always end up there on a Friday. :-)
    I have an award for you on my blog. It's a fun one.

  2. Thanks - perfect time for a little fun, lies are percolating in my brain already.