Friday, March 12, 2010

Waiting for a response

I'm not always as calm and patient as A. J. Frey when waiting for a response to my writing:

I am never more neurotic than when I am waiting on a review. I pray in time this will get better for the publishing business is all about waiting. I know this, and that is why I make sure that my crazy is kept internal. Well, with the exception of this post. The only reason that I share this so openly is because I don’t think that I am alone.
--- “Please love me.” ---

Unfortunately I had already sent the review of chapter one (which had lots of fun stuff) when I read this. Unfortunately, because I've been reading that waiting is such a major and persistent part of the writers life. Waiting to get a request for a partial or full manuscript from an agent, waiting for them to read it, waiting for editors to respond when your agent is sending them your work. Clearly the most helpful thing I could do is help her get used to it.

How do you help, or 'help', your fellow writers?


  1. Ha ha, very true. The waiting game. I don't pester my beta readers but it's a killer on the nerves, for sure.

  2. Then when I get the feedback I'm almost afraid to read it.

  3. Ah, the waiting game... so brutal, yet so inevitable. I think getting her used to it was a wise decision. :)

  4. So soon I will look back on these days of waiting for critiques as the most patient of my life :-)